Who we are

Dr Cheryl Peters (cheryl.peters@ucalgary.ca). I am an Adjunct Assistant Professor (Oncology and Community Health Sciences), with a research program focusing on the prevention of occupational and environmental cancers at the population level. In particular, I approach this work from a justice standpoint, understanding that not everyone has the same ability to reduce their personal cancer risk, and that our work and community environments can compound existing inequities. I am a first generation student and an advocate for members experiencing the unique issues that we face in academia. I am also an advocate for increasing diversity among staff, faculty, and students at the University of Calgary across any and all spectra of equity-deserving groups. I can be of particular help to members working through equity issues relevant to sex and gender (including sexual and gender minorities), members who have questions about mentorship, bullying and harassment, and people experiencing challenges relating to their first generation status. Additionally, as co-chair of the Charbonneau EDI committee, I can help members to find supports across any other aspect (singular or intersectional) of EDI that they may have questions about

Dr Fiona Schulte (fsmschul@ucalgary.ca)

Julie Deleemans (julie.deleemans@ucalgary.ca)

Maxwell Bui-Marinos (maxwell.bui-marinos@ucalgary.ca)

Nubia Zepeda (nubia.zepeda1@ucalgary.ca)

Parisa Ghahremanifard (parisa.ghahremanifar@ucalgary.ca)

Sara Cho (sara.cho@ucalgary.ca). I am a graduate student in Community Health services with a research focus on survivors of childhood cancer. I first became interested in EDI at the institutional level after advocating for students against harassment from individuals in positions of power in academia during my undergraduate degree. As a researcher, it is incredibly important to understand how we contribute to systems of power and privilege. Therefore, I hope to contribute to a culture of change for better practices in research. This is including but not limited to promoting inclusivity and anti-racism in both the institute, and how research is conducted (e.g., intentional language in manuscripts, how research questions are framed).  I hope to be of particular help to members, particularly trainees, who have concerns or questions about harassment, and issues relevant to sex, gender, sexual orientation, and race. As part of the Charbonneau EDI committee I can help find supports, and be a support.

Dr Savraj Grewal (he/him/his) (grewalss@ucalgary.ca) I am a Professor in the Department of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology and Associate Director for Basic and Translational Research in the Arnie Charbonneau Cancer Institute. As co-chair of the the Charbonneau EDI committee, I would like to use these positions of privilege to help promote a more diverse, equitable, inclusive, and accessible research and teaching environment within our Institute and to advocate for EDI across the CSM and University.